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Mac and Cheese Monday

Hoggy's Mac and Cheese is iconic. It's simply the best Mac and Cheese in Columbus, the best Mac and Cheese in Ohio, and who knows even... possibly the best Mac and Cheese in the world (don't @ us).

What makes our Mac and Cheese special is that it is a family recipe passed down from three generations. Our grandmother, Shirley Martinet, is the author of the world's cheesiest, golden, baked, and creamy Mac and Cheese. It has a multitude of cheeses, a perfect blend of seasoning, and a multistep process to ensure tender pasta, creamy cheese, and a golden-brown crust. It has everything that you could possibly want in Mac and Cheese.

Something about our Mac and Cheese feels like home to those in Columbus. The Columbus people have grown up on Hoggy's Mac and Cheese. That's why during the COVID pandemic we started to try to help start the week off for our neighbors and friends by giving away Mac and Cheese on our special Mac Mondays. On Mac Monday we do a buy one pound get one pound special, to ensure everyone can start their week off with warm and homey food in their stomachs.

Go to our online ordering to reserve yours now, or visit us at 830 Bethel Road to pick up your order!

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