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Most Unique BBQ Near Me and You!

Hoggy's BBQ is one of the most unique BBQ restaurants you will ever visit! Located in Columbus, Ohio we have been in operation since 1991 in many shapes and forms. At one point we won best Barbeque in Columbus, but due to over-expansion and cutting corners, we lost a lot of attention to detail and closed 10 restaurants.

In 2018 we decided to switch things up and start a new concept. We upped our quality, sourcing the best ingredients we could from the closest suppliers we could find. We added wrinkles to the already popular BBQ Restaurant category. So there are some things that set us apart from just your average 'Que.

Firstly, not unlike all BBQ Restaurants, we scoured the country and decided a food service line was the best option for BBQ. Popular BBQ restaurants in Texas, Brooklyn, and all over the United States used this method. Like Franklin's BBQ, Goldee's BBQ, and Hometown Bar-B-Que we liked the idea of standing face to face with our customers and serving them high-quality meats and sides.

Next, we decided that we wanted to change the game. Not only did we want to provide the best Brisket, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Ribs BUT we also wanted to add flavors that complimented these juicy and tender meats so well! We offer traditional BBQ plates but also unique sandwiches, Salads, and Macbowls where you can add any of our 11 sauces or specialty toppings.

An example of this is our Brisket Chimichurri Sandwich. You cannot get this anywhere else in Columbus. The highest quality of Brisket (Black Angus Prime) smoked for 12-16 hours sliced and put on top of a Garlic Butter Grilled Martin's Famous Potato Roll. Then we top it with our Pickled Red onions and Chimichurri. The Saltiness and Sweetness of our Rub, the fattiness of the Brisket, and the smooth acidity of the toppings round out an amazing sandwich so unique to us!

So if you want to experience something new there is no better restaurant near you to stop in than Hoggy's BBQ. We hope to hang out soon Porky People!

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