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Smoked and Fried Chicken

Most people when they get a hankering for chicken think of Fried Chicken. The usual staple restaurants like Popeyes, Hot Chicken Takeover, Chik-Fil-A, Raisin Canes, and KFC are probably what comes to people's minds. Mostly with those places though we are only talking about the chicken being breaded and fried. It's nothing super special except for the season in the breading. But what if we added an extra step that added more flavor. In comes our BBQ style...

At Hoggy's we smoked all our meats. If we can't smoke it we don't serve it (hence why we don't do Boneless Wings which are usually pre breaded or too small to smoke without overcooking them). This allows for all of our meats to have a nice subtle smokey flavor. Since our inception, we have been smoking our Chicken Wings and then flash frying them to make them super tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. This past March, while our dining room was closed and we were bored we decided to impart this method on Chicken Quarters. And once we did that we made something really amazing.

Our Smoked and Fried Chicken, like our Wings, are soooo tender on the inside and crackling crispy on the outside. It's the perfect Fried Chicken. So on Thursday's, we have the best Fried Chicken in town. Since June we have sold out every Thursday! So come in on Thursdays and try our Thursday Special!

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